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you're not saving much weigh with a Vride over a rider.

and I'm pretty sure your PSI on the tires transferring to the ground will either be the same or worse with the Vride.

Im not sure i get the idea of saving weight on heavily irrigated turf… have you seen what they mow golf courses with? They're battle ships in comparison.

Irrigated turf is the healthiest turf with the best root mat.

I wouldn't worry about a rider. I ran Dixie Choppers all over sports turf in my day, sometimes throwing rooster tails from the irrigation water.

Why a 61" Vride?

I get their appeal n the 36, 48 and to a lesser extent 52…but a 61? Just get a Tiger Cat, Cheetah or the man's man Turf Tiger.
Are they significantly cheaper?

Have you price what an SWZT with a dual wheel velke would cost?
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