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I'm agreeing with Pennings landscape . First thing I would do is get out the rake . It looks like you have thick area of thatch. You need to rake out all that bad stuff. Price= free. Second thing I would do, is pay attention to the weather. Timing is everything on this step. You want to wait till your grass is starting to green up and grow , and also a day when it's going to rain. Bring out the mower and cut the grass extremely short for only this one time. Do not scalp but cut extremely close to the ground. Fertilize with a good weed n feed but make sure it gets rained in. Price $35 dollars.After that start cutting it high like every one recommended. This height will block out the weeds. Next step is I would get fast release fertilizer like 8-8-8. ( I know this is not a grass fertilizer, and would not do this on a manicured lawn that has been well maintained) very inexpensive, about $12 a bag. They sell this at lowes and hD. Put this out very lightly about every 20 days before a rain.The 8-8-8 will make your grass eat those weeds.( stop doing this when temps get in the 90s. Remember to keep cutting height high and change your cutting patterns from |, /,\ ,---. This will make your grass stand up straight. Your yard will drastically improve following these steps in just weeks. Should be a night and day difference. Last step, get Beer, Get meat, get grill, enjoy lawn. Best of luck for this inexpensive fix.
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