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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Oh yeah--1979 was a good year at Tr Green. We used powder blue and her cheaper scaggy little sister "powder gray" (larger particles). But it did not suspend well even with major hydraulic-motor-powered paddle agitation shaft through the center of the tank. Plugged a lot of filters. Left a chalky residue on everything we sprayed. Release of nitrogen was very slow--I think--or maybe never.
We solved the fert burn problem eventually--dropped the potash, and reduced the urea nitrogen in hot weather. I remember changing the fill charts when the temps went over 80 and even less at 85 and still less at 90.
Going back some years there Riggle.

Brought me back in my mind to 1978 when I was just a 13 year old pup. Spread my first prilled urea on my parents front lawn in Late March and jeez had me a hay field to mow for 6 weeks! That was when I became "Hooked" on the green industry. Now a days a lot less 46-0-0 LOL!
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