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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
I am going to have to disagree with this one...standers are much more compact and lighter than a rider, and offer full view of the deck when mowing. I can duck under trees, get closer to obstacles, and turn around in smaller spaces. They are just as productive, if not more, on everything but very large, open properties. Standers are actually very comfortable, my back doesn't hurt after a full day on one. If i need to pick something up or get into trouble, i can just step off. Walk behinds are king of hills, no question about that, but they are slow. All 3 have their place in the industry, and for 90% of my mowing the stander is the way to go
Exactly! I've demoed a stander, and as soon as I can afford it, I'm switching from my Lazer to a Vantage. It's WAY more comfortable. A lot more efficient, too, for residential.
I'd rather be cutting grass...
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