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Originally Posted by beeker1 View Post
you guys aare out of your mind if your paying any more than 12 an hour to ride on a lawn mower
Originally Posted by grassmonkey0311 View Post

My brother-in-law told me once- "Your employees don't give a shyte about you or your business. Don't overpay for a shyte employee."
You all must not have quality employees. I start people off at 10 an hour. (soon to be the new minimum wage) and after 60 days if they prove them selves they get put up to 12. My Foreman at the end of last season was making 15. an hour And was going to get a raise but a national company took him for more money then i could offer. If people pay a decent wage you get quality people, but if all your going to pay me is 8 an hour I'm only going to do what i have to get by.
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