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Originally Posted by GQLL View Post
My Foreman at the end of last season was making 15. an hour And was going to get a raise but a national company took him for more money then i could offer. If people pay a decent wage you get quality people, but if all your going to pay me is 8 an hour I'm only going to do what i have to get by.
Re-read what you just said. He bailed on you for more money. So that proves my point....employees don't give a shyt about your business.

There was a post comparing lawn care employees to fast food workers. There is really no skill in lawn mowing, and there is really no skill working the french fries at McDonalds. The only difference is the lawn employee gets a small break between jobs AKA travel time. If the pay was that bad at a fast food place, how do they still employ anyone?????? We all say we wish we were more profitable, well stop hiring guys at $20 an hour only to complain he took advantage of you/called out too much/started drama/etc. Posting jobs starting at $20 an hour will only get you a lot more deadbeat applicants who want $20 an hour, half of which will only tell you what you want to hear to get their $20 an hour.
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