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Originally Posted by snow4me View Post
I purchased a 2012 V-Ride 61" mower used with only 99 hours on it from Maplewood down in Hiawatha KS. He had one pump replaced under warranty prior to me purchasing it.

When I got the machine home I noticed both pumps were leaking so I took it to my dealer. The fixed the leak but when I got the machine back the levers were sticky...meaning they would not go to neutral position with just the return springs. I called my dealer and told him about the issue but could not take it out of service due to work schedule until the end of the season.

Well I just got a call from my dealer Russo Power in Hainesville IL and they say the pumps need to be replaced at a cost of $1,100. They said due to the fact I am the second owner they can't get it covered under warranty. I told him that the warranty should not be the issue. The issue is that Scag had a known issue with leaking o-rings that caused the pumps to leak. This is what led to the premature pump failure on both sides thus the sticky hydros. They should take responsibility and replace the pumps for N/C.

I feel I'm getting screwed both by my dealer and Scag as the hydros were not sticky until after I got the machine back from them fixing the o-ring issues. I am not so sure that my dealer didn't cause the problem by not properly servicing the hydro pumps when they replaced the o-rings. Now they won't even go to bat for me and call the factory to see what they can do.

I can't find a phone number for anyone at Scag to talk to so I left a message through their website.

This really sucks because I own 3 new or newer Scag Mowers and now I am feeling like they are not a very honorable company to do business with.
Were the leaking pump(s) covered under warranty the first time you took the unit in for repair right after you purchased it or did you pay for the repair?
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