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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
That sucks. Heretage & you all others -- cool stuff for sure. I wish somebody could do some side-to-side comparisons with different formulations of micros/sulfur/etc/etc. I would, but I have to save money to buy my own tee shirts.

I remember my ChemLawn truck number in 1979 Texas. #809. We used powder blue just once in awhile (it was a pretty color, and I liked it). But for the most part, we used powder grey (cheaper). Had to clean the strainer twice a day, and it looked like concrete (explains the slow release factor).

Land grant universities always seem to be behind the times regarding new technology. Then you have chemical & fert companies trying to sell their newest stuff. Odd thing is that some products that have been around for decades still outperform some of the "new stuff" IMO.

Common thread universities & fert companies have in common >> both rely on "guys in the field" to get their info. I have the highest respect for you guys that shared info regarding this topic. Thank you.
Both the University and the local vendors look to me many times to tell them what is working and not working or else why something is doing something unexpected. I am not cheap, clients do not hold back when it comes to paying me, therefore, I have to produce.
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