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Byron: Awesome brochure. Very simple and to the point. I've been a little intimidated going into designing mine because I was thinking about going all out with the design and photoshop but yours just gave me a nice example of how its possible to keep it plain and simple and still professional looking. I've had a few customers tell me that they don't like my new simpler business cards as much as they liked the fancier flashier ones I used to have. I guess that's the cause for this fear.

I agree with you on the benefits to these pamphlets. I also really like your newsletter. That's a great idea! Very personal touch. I like how you went about saying "I bought this piece of equipment this year to better serve you." I wouldn't have thought there would be a good way to do that, but I like how you put it. Your contractor buddies all must be thrilled with you for putting them in your newsletter! Also a great idea. I hope they return the favor!
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