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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
Funny thing is we lost our last medical center this week. We gave a modest increase for the first time in the 8 years we have done the place. And the brand new property owner or manager I don't know which had a fit says our prices are outrageous. I wish it had been me and not my partner on the phone I would of put her in touch with my accountant to help straiten her out.

Not going to miss this place much had a 4 track railroad bridge next to it and had an extra parking lot behind it so cleaning the property included dealing with all the sand and debris under that bridge. And around here our towns 375 years old so the roads were made long before the rail line and as a result all of them are low bridges with sunken roads under them were talking it drops like 6 feet or more to clear it. So everything washes into and collects under that bridge. It was merciful getting out of it when I think on it.
It's funny...I know exactly where you're talking about. My sister lives in Milford area and There are a bunch of stupid low RR bridges they need to update or rid of!
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