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Exmark Lazer Z Hydro Pump Removal

Good Afternoon!
I got a 2008 Exmark Lazer Z HP 50" Mower.
This past summer the right side hydro started to get weak. Not much power when turning. When I brought it in for regular maintenance the employee said that the right side hydro pump is gonna be shot pretty soon so I'm going to try to get ahead of it and replace the pump myself and not pay them $700.00 to fix it. Ouch!
I have removed everything from the pump itself and have covered all hoses to ensure no dirt has a chance to get in the system.
I have noticed there's a pulley under the pump and I'm assuming its going to have to come out in order to remove the pump itself.
If anybody has any suggestions as how to do this. Please fill me in!
I appreciate any response you guys have!
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