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it is a difficult situation because it involves many people and many countries. America has good things and bad things. All the countries of the world have the dualality of good things and bad things. In America there is a lot of material opportunity, laws, standards, order, and organization. A lot of Americans have many psychological and familial problems and we are growing more and more disconnected from nature and natural life. This is appealing to many. We are extremely privileged from this point of view to be born here or live here. Other countries have their good things as well. Most human life evolves around the family. However, based on desires people travel.
Personally I feel compassion for people who want to come here, if I myself were in there shoes I may or may not want to come. But this must be a universal situation. If people are allowed to come from country A to country B, the people from B must be able to go to A. If all people would live for the good of humanity and the earth, life would be great. However human nature is not always such on this earth.
There is a process for becoming a citizen of every country. For extreme cases where people are suffering and we can help, that is good. However if we just open the doors for everyone to come in, the country could be ruined. Especially for those who make money here and send it to other countries.

I have no idea what 'low skilled worker' is. Every country in the present moment needs manual laborers. Immigrants are not any better than native workers. There are a lot of people willing to do the job who already live here. The difference is that most immigrants will do it for a lower wage. But I don't think that is right to take work away from people who are already here. Unless of course their country would do the same for us. Then it could be more equal.
I don't see why it is so hard to keep our border impenetrable from immigrants. I mean its 2014. To build a big fence / security system and monitor it doesn't see that hard. Obviously our government is allowing this for some reason.
I also don't understand how our government starts operating services like the MVA or DMV in Spanish for illegal people who don't speak English. They also allow them to have drivers license now. Ok, are there countries doing this? Why is our government allowing it?
To answer, for the people that are already here illegally, what is it 12million? that is a difficult situation. According to the law they should face deportation. If the borders are secured and no one else can come in, if they are legalized, most want to work, however I don't know.
For the question: what should be done so they can come here legally? If every country open the borders, and no more wars.
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