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Since it was mentioned I figured I will comment on background checks.

I would think that an insurance agent would WANT to run the driving records of drivers you hire, but hey, can't beat stupid.

With the driving records, make sure you have a release signed. Having one done every year is good and least its on file. All driving records will have to be obtained thru your state DMV.

As with driving records, a release should be had for background checks as well. If you are wondering where to obtain them I would go thru the state or you can request/run an FBI finger print check.

All states forward convictions to the FBI (NCIC network) so it is usually more thorough, especially if they have out of state conviction. You can also get records from your State Dept of Justice (Crime Information Bureau).

I do bounty hunting as a part time gig, or rather, am trying to get into it more. I do a lot of studying and such, so if you need advice let me know. I am no expert, but, I can try and find an agency if you have a specific question.

Best advice- check the DMV for driving records. Check the State Dept of Justice for background checks.

ALWAYS verify the legalities before acting.
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