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Originally Posted by bobw View Post
We do almost exclusively commercial installs on new construction sites (shopping centers, condo complexes, etc) and probably the biggest issue we face with irrigation is finding sleeves a year after they've been installed.

Typically, we install PVC sleeves well before buildings are started and they just lie under ground until we come back to do the installation. By then, the buildings are done, pavement and curbs are down..and all of our survey stakes have vanished.

Anybody have any ideas on how to simplify the issue? We have contemplated using GPS systems, but high cost and the specialized knowledge we'd need to have to use it make it unattractive.

Anyone use detectable tape along the sleeve? or locator balls/disks?

Once we're done our install, we don't care anymore as we'll have an as-built to work from, but when the sleeves go in, there are very few landmarks to measure off of (and we've tried...boy, have we tried)
These GPS units you speak of, are they able to calculate and remember north/south & east/west, cordinates so that one can more easily return to a spot at a later point in time? are they able to also quickly remember elevation differences also? If this what you are describing? BC I need something like that....I think.
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