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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
I gotta question how good these tow behinds plug? I walk everything now. But seriously thinking about exmarks stand on unit to plug. I have the 5 k yards to 4 acres complexes.
Mine is the JD 48" plugger that is made by Brinley-Hardy, but to JD's specs. It is heavier made than the B-H version they sell at HD etc., and it'll plug just fine even in very hard ground. The weight tray on mine can take up to 250#. I usually use between 210# and 250# depending on soil conditions. It plugs as deep as 3" with no problem and leaves nice round, clean holes behind.
Originally Posted by Darryl G
I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.
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