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Originally Posted by RhettMan View Post
These GPS units you speak of, are they able to calculate and remember north/south & east/west, cordinates so that one can more easily return to a spot at a later point in time? are they able to also quickly remember elevation differences also? If this what you are describing? BC I need something like that....I think.
Suppose a map grid could provide an x and y cordinate.
And a lazer level provide a y cordinate.

It would be nice to have a stick that one could place onto the surface of the earth, and have a machine working in tandem with the stick via gps to compute that exact point's east axis cord., north axis cordinate, and elevation. in relation to many other cordinates collected from a "job-site-area"

and then be able to plot on screen a scaled topography image of all the points collected/

using a fire hydrant, or something

Would it be odd for someone who owned (what i think was) a magna stick to request that I find their valves with a 521?

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