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Originally Posted by scag2015 View Post
Hey man, I'm pretty much at the same grounds as you, I'm 13 but will be 14 this month got just cheap little equipment (by the way even I'm loving your equipment compared to mine and I'm building my business and will be purchasing a walk behind and a good backie and such next year and more "hang on" to what I've got for this year but still go door to door and try to pick up more yards. I also agree, it's great to get out and do yard work and be productive rather than most of our generation playing iPhone or Xbox stuff. Keep up the good work, I'll probably start sending you some PM's and could share knowlage with each other as our business grows and changes! Thanks!
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Whew, you said Xbox. If you said PS3 I would have been offended. Okay not really. But still, that is awesome for 13/14 years.

I remember reading about a young adult who started with a hatch back car and a lawn mower in the trunk. Now makes 6-digits a year (although this is many years later and do more than just "maintenance" now as well). But it just goes to show- if you have the right attitude, work ethics and moral values, you can go on to greatness!
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