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Employee Help

Alrighty, as always I would like a little advice about one of my guys. I have seen threads about when to fire etc and have definitely taken them into account, but each situation is different as they say.

My 3rd in command, just got promoted to run his own truck, was pretty good. Very personable, hard worker, had some problems waking up some days which we were working on. Recently his parents entered into a divorce and it is starting to take his toll on his work. He is becoming a bit forgetful with accounts, the late thing started again, and the other guys are starting to come down on me and him more about his performance. We lost a snow acct. because he failed to show up 2 times...

Now, he sadly, has the most knowledge on his truck and route and is training the guy under him, and our customers know him by name etc. I figure we should start phasing him out to part time if he needs to deal with "family issues." I feel outright canning him would be a huge blow to him. I like the guy a lot and in my mind, had him running his own division one day. Trying to whip him into shape...or find his replacement in the mean time, but stuck for now. I am not a yeller, and the feeling that "I can get him to change" is always in my head even though I know it is possible a farce. He is 22, a lot to learn still.
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