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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
doing what? Gps on a mower?

Well it's not easy one smaller machines… but on the turf tiger its like small car!

It's install is the same as putting it on a truck

US Fleet sells units for like 239 bucks… no contract and I think it's $20 or $25 a month? You can shut off the GPS service in the off season if you want…but what if someone stole it? I suppose you could just turn it on and find out where it was..huh?
you go to the website and set up your route …it looks a lot like…you click on the borders of your properties and save.

Then, when your mower enters the property…it gives it a date/time stamp…and the same when it leaves that property. so you get all your in/out times as well.

Then, you can also replay like a video tape and see where it went all day…. if it;s hanging out on something you know isn't yours (big squares of your properties you can color code) then you know they are either at the taste E freeze taking a break or mowing someone else's yard.

That is awesome. I never knew you could do that with a mower itself.
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