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Originally Posted by Buddy Buds View Post
While I was at the grocery store someone stole my entire trailer. 2013 Turf Tiger, blowers, trimmers, catchers, plugger and my brand new 16' tandem trailer 2013. I'm insured but very angry. Cut the lock. The only thing they left was my walk behind that was on my carport. It was on my driveway.

My deepest apologies. I had my rigs stolen twice from my driveway. First time they hotwired it while I slept and got around the factory alarm somehow. Sadly, without insurance I lost everything and spent every dime I had to get a rig back up to save it. I had a Viper alarm and a 2nd battery kit put on the second truck, which they stole the year after, cutting the batteries. Neighbor thought they were my crew they were gone in 60 seconds. I was signing insurance policy that weekend for my bailed me out on that one. I now have a crazy system including our Locqus OBD readers for GPS. (viper alarm, two batteries, club, wheel lock, and block the truck in with my car)

Will never forget how it felt losing it all in an instant. I would'nt wish it on anyone.
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