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Originally Posted by aei View Post
Man that sucks. Nothing like having some crook at your home doing that. Makes it real personal in my opinion. I hope they get caught either way.No prison sentences are worthy enough. Nothing less then pure torture for thief's who steal a mans way of feeding his family.

Not to hi -jack your thread but Gps isnt always going to is better then nothing forsure and unless its a professional thief.... its the best protection. My cousin uses his extra iphone thats hidden in his 2012 f350 dash board and wired to power switch with a hidden on and off switch. Its a cheap way for him to track via iphone tracking app. Yes he has a family plan

Anyways... my best friend had his Cat skidsteer and trailer stolen last winter from a large commercial lot. Security camera's just shown a image of a old ratty ford dump truck pulling away with it. Couldn't make out plates or even color of truck. The cat had a gps tracking on it and the state police were able to track it on the interstate heading to GA. Long haul from IL if you ask me. So it was a well worth drive to recover it Down in GA. Troopers said that they recover lot of construction and lawn care equipment making its way to FL for export and had recovered stuff from as far away as Ontario.

Fast forward to this past January..... same Cat, same trailer, same lot ..... crooks cut off trailer hitch to by pass lock. They cut off a section of the hitch that was bolted and welded on and had a new custom made lock on it. It was left on the ground with 3 dull Milwaukee bi metal cut sawzall blades and 2 burnt up drill bits. The Gps was still installed but relocated and upgraded. To date no signal can be detected. Gps company offered some reimbursement but didn't even cover the insurance deductible. Sad part is my buddy was upside down by 5 grand and there wasnt GAP insurance. He didn't put cash down so he was upside down still owing 5 grand on something someone else is using or selling.

Gps company says that there are hand held devices that will detect a signal. If they want it ...its gone. Locks gps dogs, garages .357 etc isn't going to stop someone who really wants it.
True, if they want it bad enough they will get it. I dream of the day I catch someone in the middle of it, oh I dream!
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