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Originally Posted by XYZLawnPros View Post
Sounds like you have been more than patient with him. But in hindsight, you lost 1 snow account because he failed to show up TWICE??????????? And he never told you this?????????

End of story. Immediate termination. Laziness and lying is not an excuse for disrespect and sheer incompetence. Personable you say? Don't give 2 sh!ts if he is an adonis and makes people starry eyed when they speak with him (you stated your clients know him by name). Once a fellow human being stops knowing right from wrong they become oxygen wasters. You seem to want to continue to give a liar, lazy, disrespectful, brings problems to work and destroying the fabric of his own crew, another...and another.. and another chance. You may not be a loud mouthed owner who yells at their guys, but your are coming off to me as very weak. Your employees will notice this right away. They always do. Make a choice. Stick to it. Don't be wishy washy. Don't be flippy floppy.

Competency in the workplace, especially in this industry is the smoking gun. You can give people a choice to either ruin your business, or help it flourish. I'd rather be on the flourishing side. That way I can treat my labor compensated help better than any others in this industry.

You should have already made your decision.

Well put XYZ, well put indeed. He got chewed out for "forgetting" about it, after the customer called, should've done it right after I got that call. I have my moments of weakness I suppose. Thanks for the tough love.
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