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A Very Tempting Propane Offer- Too Good?

Hey Y'all-

I was at an industry expo today and wandered over to talk to the propane guys. They told me they will do the following FREE if I buy 500 or more gal from them a year:

1. Will convert all my mowers and other 4 stroke equipment (my mini-skid) at no cost to me (and will convert back if I'm unhappy at any time.)
2. Install a 200 gal tank at my shop so I can fill up whenever I need
3. Set the price of propane at $1 less than whatever regular octane gas is selling for.
4. Give me one tank for each machine (obviously), and an extra one per unit too.

When I asked, as everyone has, why they're incentivising it so much, they said that the propane used for heating's seasonal sales are opposite of what my operating season would be, and they want to expand their sales. The propane cost would go up in the winter, but he said that since I wouldn't be using much then its not a big deal, and if I wanted I could get my tank refilled before it gets cold if I was worried. Also, all the added benefit to be thought of:

1) Being much more environmentally friendly (which I am interested in and may help decide contracts or be a marketing point)
2) Having engines that run more cleanly=longer life of engine, maintenance, etc
3) You can leave a propane engine overwinter and fire it up in the spring& be ready to go, where as gas+ethanol+sitting= problems
4) Propane doesn't go bad in a short period like gas sitting in a tank would

They have a few larger area city municipalities doing it, and are currently demoing with 2 large state universities, one of which is in my hometown and is my alma mater.

I invite your opinions and insight (I have read through some threads on this, and it seems like there's a lot more interest than experience at this point, which makes sense). If you have actually converted, please tell me how this prospective deal compares to what you're getting.
Big "A" Wilson
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