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I maybe missing something here or the OP has a different scenario we are not used to on our projects.

When we install our sleeves, we also install the PVC lateral or mainline piping along with the wire which is just about always Maxi-wire. At the end of each sleeve we 90 up a stub-out pipe that is 24" plus above final elevation with a cap. Laterals receive a normal 16 gauge PE wire just in case we do need to due further locating. Each stub-out is located for other trades with a few wooden marker stakes, taped off and flagged so if it does get hit we did due diligence.

Our stub-outs do get damaged from time to time and severe damage is charged back to the contractor. We normally have no trouble locating the wire or stub-outs. Sleeves often end up 3' plus deep, so it does not make sense to have to excavate the end of the sleeves plus a cross trench to try an install 3" or 4" main that we all know does not flex.

We also as-built our sleeves during installation from our CAD shop drawings. We also ALWAYS require the developer or GC to stake the curbs and all hardscapes so we know each sleeve is located properly along with extending 12" plus on each end. We are not surveyors or engineers, not to mention civil drawings seem to receive constant revisions.

This process works really well and as much as I love to buy cool gadgets, the GPS units being tossed around would make much more sense for quality as-builds of the entire system than just sleeves.

Like I said, I maybe way off on what the OP is referring too. To be clear, the process I mentioned goes for sleeves that are placed anywhere for a year to a week before our install crews arrive.

Being able cut the stub-out riser and connect rather than excavating each sleeve to push pipe/wire is the main reason we use the process mentioned.

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