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what do things look like in the environment that you are describing when you are placing your sleeves long before the installation of this size?

I imagine a bobcat, red bare dirt. new building of somesort. in center of it ....

Your not...clearing trees for example to do this?
how long before concrete forms go up will you usually do this?

what do you do if the 20 ft driveway is relocated post-sleeving & pre installation 10 ft to the left, parrallel direction with sleeve? leaving 11 feet of sleeve vertically covered by driveway, the other 11 feet of the sleeve vertically uncovered by concrete, one end of the sleeve ending at mid-width of driveway basically?

does the GC just call and say "we decided to move the driveway after the inspector came out", you mumble a few curse words after hanging up, and then re-visit for a sleeve extension?

these are extremely interesting descriptions of methods, TY

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