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Originally Posted by JonLawn View Post
Just be careful. I got the same email I presume you did. They said that the licenses and certifications are valid until Jun 2015 rather than just June 2014. So they extended it by a year (for Free!). So they realized my complaint that it was ridiculous to certify everyone and then make them re-certify within 5 months. But I guarantee that they are enforcing. Whether they enforce you or me remains to be seen.
Your absolutely right they are enforcing. I just got the email where you print off the business license number to you and thats the temporary way to stay out of trouble.. the way the lady told me was it was impossible to say when the real licenses will get mailed out. They only have 1 girl working on all these certifications and licenses. I was #60 and theres 710 more to go with new ones coming in all the time.
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