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Originally Posted by Landscapedesign View Post
Hello, I am a designer that utilizes Dynascape, for about 10 years now. I agree that it is one of the best design software out there. I currently use the full versions. including Dynascape manage. It is very accurate, a produce professional designs. I carries a hefty price tag last year with all my up grades the software alone is just under 3K. and then I have large format printers and strong P.Cs to support it. What I do not like is the additional cost. currently It cost me just under $200.00 per month to run.
I was actually looking into purchasing Pro Landscape to simplify things. Lately in this economy I find it the clients are looking for some basic idea's and quick estimate. I thought using the Ipad app would speed the process and close more jobs.
Again Dynascape, is great for those larger projects but come spring hits I generally get 200 + calls in the season. It would be nice to close more jobs. I would like to hear your thoughts.
I use Pro Landscape, have since 2001. Syncs with my clip software for job costing and inventory and utilizes a version of MORS (over head recovery system developed by venderkooi)

I can smash out a 'quickie' with it in under 2 hours design time, which I refer to as a 'working copy', this time also includes the pricing/estimate/contract.

take it to the client as a "was this what you were thinking?"

A finished design, ready for proposal and for a foreman to work off of takes about 6 hours of design time (on average) for a job in the $40k range.

If you do water features or pools, it sucks…. It really annoys me they don't have better graphics options for this.
Ive made due but…its weak.
Outdoor kitchens and structures is almost as bad.

Irrigation, plants, pavers and other hardscapes it's great.
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