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I don't do across the board price increases either. This winter we did the most in-depth charts we ever did on each client we had profitability we had payment history. We had clean ups and in our case not having it done got you higher marks. We had parking and drive time and likability did we enjoy the property was there issues we didn't like. We then scored them and got an honest look at who needed to be raised who needed to be fired and who was just right and fine the way they were. Only raised about 40 of them this year.

Now say you have a 30 dollar cut from years back but today you would ask for 35. On something like that you can creep it up a little over a few years and eventually be more in line. If you raised it 5 bucks your most likely going to be fired the odds are rather high with that big of a % raise. But say you had a 30 dollar cut and due to the hill and the fact it is now a fertilized lawn and you would need 60 a cut to bring it in line well your just not going to get that and your best off cutting your losses. Properties change over time and what was once easy can become your worse account in a few years. You should be at-least honest with your self and decide if its worth it anymore.
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