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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Not sure why you bring them up? 350 employees though, they must be in the top 100? I did notice a mulch plate on the wb their guy was using in one of the pics.

I just read this entire thread, I thought it was odd that the websites werent working.
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I thought it was odd about his link too. Thats a pretty big company.

I had doubts on Just Mow It. I know a lot of us did. Things towards the end didn't seem to add up. Like the list of the top 50 lawn/landscape companies for revenue....yet they didn't make it on there. The online reviews didn't say good things either. And for a company as large as they seemed to be, why was their web presence so small? Who knows, I could be wrong. Maybe their goal the whole time was to grow it and sell it. Or maybe they closed up shop. Does anyone here talk to them?
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