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My cold weather work is typically in the Fall, not Spring. Yes, been out many times at 30, often less than 30. If the day is heavy overcast, and breezy, the body will feel it.

Fifteen years ago, my feet were the problem. They would get so cold, ache, and not work well. But, for reasons unknown to me, my feet have not been a problem for many years. Now, it is the hands. I suspect that I have gotten them so cold on too many occasions, the blood flow isn't what it was at one time. I can keep the rest of me warm with multiple shirts, multiple sweatshirts, insulated vest, coveralls, etc. when walking with the w/b. Riding the ZTR is a real problem in keeping warm. The lack of movement is the problem -- just sitting in the seat, with little motion of the arms. If sitting for 45 minutes, I am in need of somebody to pry me out of the seat -- I get very stiff in the joints (probably not unexpected at my season of life). When the air is damp (e.g. overcast, light mist, etc.), the problem is worse.

The hand problem is not good for both riding the ZTR, or using the w/b. I think the problem is no movement in the hands in either case. I use pistol grips on the w/b, with hand-to-steel on the controls. Any heat in the hand is sucked right out to the cold steel. I use a double glove -- internal, padded mechanics glove, with an heavy leather glove outside. But, this is not very effective for me. I've tried some "insulated" gloves, but without success. However, I have not trying the Thinsulate ones. Somebody suggested those in a post long ago, and I never get to a store to buy. Note to self: Go to the store in the off-season when I have time. Thanks.
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