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Originally Posted by TML View Post
I have several questions about specifically "Tufoil" engine treatment after reading about it in much older posts.

1. Does anybody reading this currently use it, or has anybody had a bad experience with it?

2. Is it okay to add to my high hour machine (20hp Kohler 2440 hours) and older truck 2000 Chevy K2500 132,000? I have been told in the past that on older machines that I should not switch over to synthetic oil at this point, would that be the same principle for this additive?

3. Do any chain stores sell it off the shelf? I do see it for sale online.

Thanks in advance
1. Never heard of it!
2. Use at your own risk, not by what others say!
3. Looks like autoparts stores sell it?

Check it out for yourself:

Remember, they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true... So you can trust every word they tell you!
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