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Originally Posted by newguy123 View Post
There's a local company by me who just recently (last year or so) built a website. For some companies, they don't want/need a website.

With justmowing, he could be to the place where he doesn't want any customers; or, he only wants the ones he targets. Or, as you suggested, maybe they sold! Payday!
Not likely and I will tell you why. This whole model is built off extreme numbers of the lowest rung of customer. We all now how extremely flaky the lowball mow n go customer is. This business would need hundreds of new clients every month just to replace the ones who flaked let alone add growth. This model lives or dies by a website and advertising. I still call shenanagans on the true size of its numbers. Nobody in its AO has chimed in to say if they are still seeing their trucks working. If they did sell I again ask why nobody has reported seeing a new fleet running about town or a massive sell off of their unique trucks.
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