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Just when you think you know just mowing... Just like google

Every time we figure out the genius model of Just Mowing business...they re write the book.

I can tell you they are still in business. My sister in law gets her lawn done by them. We don't service her area. She says they do a great job and have re branded themselves this year the

Mowing Managers. Lawn care management and marketing services.

By the way they are not low ballers. They charge slightly above the market average for this area.
Their prices of course won't match your prices because you are in a different market.
Also they literally have no employees to send back to Mexico. All of their workers are subs...on a tight leash.

I don't know why their site is down. I am sure they are adding some crazy new technology to their site. My best guess is their server couldn't perform the function of their next awesome feature and they had to tear it down and rebuild it. Bugs are probably present and they don't want to launch until it is ready. Just a hunch.
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