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I am not raising any prices this year and for the last 5-10 years new prices on lawns have actually dropped in my area. Trouble with the doc and dentist is while they may not be smarter then us they do have to jump though hoops and years of school to get there thus they feel the right to rip us off and any one that might feel other wise I doubt every completes the education requirements on that field. We on the other hand are a truly equal opportunity employer you want to be a landscaper NP just say you are one and grab your personal lawn mower. Of course you could always use Dr Nick from the Simpsonís open-heart surgery for $99.95
NEVER EVER equate college with being smarter then you or I.. I understand what your getting at but going to years of college to become a doctor is just as hard as us going out there and working for a living!!!
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