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Came across this thread and even though it's 2 years old, I have some advice that has worked for me. I few weeks ago I bought some used snapper lawn mowers from a guy selling his business because he got a job in corporate america. I'm 19 and am just starting out so he gave me some advice and told me how he started. All he did was put business cards on doors, he said on spring break, he would put out about 3000-4000 and ended up with close to 50 new customers and almost everyone that called him, used him. He was just doing mow and blow for about $25 a yard, plus he said he would upsell some fert for $35, which you might want to check your laws before you do any fert. or herbicide. Anyway his first year he had 50 accounts, his second he was upto 80 and had to hire someone and his 3rd he got up to 150 and beyond. At that time he had a 3 man crew and said they could do postage stamp lots in about 7 minutes each. And his only advertising was business cards on doors, no flyers or any other junk. Most people just throw flyers away, but business cards people tend to keep on there fridge, even if they don't need you right away.
Now I just put out about 120 cards today, and I just used masking tape and put them on the front door,(use masking tape) after I finished, I had two calls and one I went and gave a quote on for $175 and it's for a cleanup before they sell the house, another I'm giving a quote on Saturday on a house for weekly mowing, that's in a upperclass neighborhood that has postage stamp lawns. I also have my family and friends post stuff on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, and that has landed me a few jobs already. Another big thing is selling your self! I'm pretty shy and have a hard time doing that, but there nothing weird about introducing yourself to someone and giving an elevator pitch, it can only benefit you! I'm in this speech class and today we had a party with a few guest speakers, we then had to give them a personal business card and an elevator speech to them while the party was going on. I ended up giving my business card to about 7 peopelle in the class and every single needed or knew someone that needed a lawn service. So in about one day, I got 2 jobs, and had about 10 that were pretty promising.
I've gone on enough, sorry about that I am just excited about this year!
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