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I know a local tree trimming and clearing company has a 70 sized Kobelco machine and they bought our old Rotobec when we put a new unit on our CX75.

I've yanked down many trees and houses with the smaller machine. It isn't exactly ideal for digging out stumps on trees that are 12"+ diameter but I've still done it with pines and other softer woods.

As long as the trees aren't gigantic I would do it. Usually when we remove a tree when leave 5 feet or so for leverage if we are using the smaller ex to pull out the rootball.

I guess I could update this thread too. I bought another Duramax, 2006 CC Chevy Graystone metallic. It has a Mike L trans in it billet input/output shafts and planetary. Stage V trans... 1058 Triple Disk TC.

Going to swap the trans into the regular cab. Also bought a 71.5mm Fleece Performance Cheetah.

Stock vs. 71.5MM

RC and CC

RCSB is going to haul butt

Spent 7 hours correcting the paint, it was pretty hammered


Anyone want a nice truck with service records let me know. It's got 107k on it now. No seam swell in the doors and the rockers are good. Minor rock chips. Truck is in really good shape. I tuned it for the guy at 44k miles but he mostly had it in a tow tune. He had big plans for it but never ended up doing it and sold it to another friend of mine and I bought it from him when he bought his new 2014 Ram 2 weeks ago. He also used mostly the tow tune because he said the race tune used too much fuel. Truck on the race tune was 420-430rwhp.
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