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2003 F-250 exchaust replace -- difficult?

I have a 2003 F-250, 5.4L gas, now with a hole in the exhaust system. It has about 52K miles. I used to replace exhaust systems on cars many years ago, but have not done so in a long time, nor have I done any exhaust work on this pickup. With about 5K miles per year, all short trips, pulling my trailer with lawn equipment, residence to residence through neighborhoods, finding it rusted out is no surprise. The heat is not in the system long enough to burn out condensate.

I searched this Forum to see if others had posted anything about an exhaust repair. I find nothing. I searched YouTube, but didn't find much (diesel, turbo models).

My question is simple: Is the replacement difficult?

I think the hole is behind the cat. I've not crawled under yet to learn for sure. How far forward is typical to replace? Getting the old off is always more difficult than getting the new mounted. I do not have a SawzAll, but have hacksaws, cut-off wheels. I do not have a lift, but a flat place on my driveway. I have a jack and jack stands. I have lots of hand tools (no impact wrenches). If the entire system needs replacing, starting at the exhaust manifold, then the task is outside my domain. I work solo, so do not have extra hands, nor the flexibility to reach difficult places.

Does anybody have experience or thoughts about a self-imposed task to make the replacement? I want to get this done soon before work season begins.

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