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Cool season turf and the customer that MUST have their lawn power raked...?

Typically these are the same folks who skip out on the most important fertilizer application in the Fall when it benefits the most.

So....this question is for those of us who understand that the habitual Spring dethatch/power rake drill is not what is best for the lawn.

Do you still perform the service as requested since that's what the customer wants or think they need....or have you been successful in talking a client out of the service in favor of better cultural practices such aeration, correct fert schedule and water cycles.

I have one client who thinks aeration doesn't do anything, insists on heavy growth hyper green lawn in the hottest months and thinks he knows best.

If it was not for the fact he pays well and on time and he's a snow customer...I would of already told him get someone else.

So guess who is doing a power rake as soon as it dries out? Spring time rake not the flail blade kind.

Like this:


In my flyer factoid style marketing I have considered telling folks that the service is generally a poor choice and not a good value and frankly it is a rip off.

In repeated test on my own grass and clients test areas a lower than normal mowing in fact greens up turf faster than power racking/dethatching of any form. Low mowing is hands down faster in green up than doing nothing. It in fact stimulates the crowns of the grass and get the dormant debris out of the way.
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