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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Take a core sample in their lawn and show them that they don't have a thatch layer that needs to be power-raked.

Or, if you do pull a core sample that shows that a lawn needs power raked, then both you and client are more informed that it does or doesn't need done.

Excellent point and I keep my test step aerator on my truck or trailer 24/7. My own lawn had 3/4" of thatch when I moved in here and it is mainly KBG. I have pulled test plugs in lawns in my area and it is not uncommon to have well over 1" of thatch. These lawns are over watered and given the Scott's treatment.

It's very rare to see a lawn like that aggressively flail bladed and truly dethatched to the point where rocks are flying and thatch is ripped out. Those kinds of jobs creates a HUGE amount of haul off.

Folks here think mission accomplished with X# of bags of debris hauled off.

Meanwhile thatch is still there....

It really is a customer ignorance/education issue.

As the saying goes, "don't bother me with the FACTS my mind is already made up".

I will be offering a progressive aeration package this year. What this means is numerous aerations will be done in throughout the season at a slighly discounted rate. No more than a double pass with my Plugr 850.

Sorry folks those rolling tine units simply lack the dense plug pattern needed to assault the thatch layer and this is evident in my YouTube video.
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