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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
What about Spring aeration's do you think is beneficial.

From a thatch standpoint, that would be the only reason I would do a spring aeration.

Otherwise, compaction shouldn't be an issue in our Zones due to the frost heave in the spring.?

Any thoughts?

Spring aerations are all the rage here. Many consumers and contractors in my area believe Spring is the Key time to aerate. Some do occur in the Fall but it is a 4:1 in favor of Spring here.

You are correct that frost heaves do reduce compaction. however there are areas here where the soil is a sandy/pea gravel consistency and yes those lawns with poor subsoil will still benefit from Spring Aeration. And if those lawns are in thatchy it will get fertilizer and nutrients to the root zone. I am NOT a fan of the early fert drill the other Co's do here. My lawns do not require any fert input till mid to late May.
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