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Originally Posted by ShepardatFPC View Post
Thanks. I'm new to Lawn Site, still figuring stuff out, big time. Maybe I shouldn't have tried posting yet.

Old thread or not, good for you. I'm glad to hear about a kid with more aspirations than a high score on Modern Warfare. Enjoy it now and be ready to go truly legal when you are of age. Start reading up on registering and licensing. Tax preparations and documents. Insurances. Each state and even counties and cities have their own rules so read up on them too. Don't listen to people that say screw all that just put the money in your pocket. You will never build credit or credibility if you work below the table. Use this site as a reference as most of us have been there done that and just might save you the growing pains we all experienced. When it comes to posting just think before you post and ask your questions clearly with as much info as you can provide. Good luck.
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