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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Sweepers average 65-75 per hour. Might be cheaper to sub out to a sweeping company?
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Wow that's fking nuts. I'd be out of business in a week if my $40k loader (plus attachments, plus trucking/trailering) could only fetch $450 a day. I get that much for a $10k lawn mower.

And by no means am I calling you a low baller, if that's the going rate in your area than there's nothing anyone can do about it, it just goes to show how much the market varies from area to area.

Also....a good argument as to why "cost plus profit" isn't always the best way to price a job, the local market should always be taken into consideration.

Edit: I quoted the wrong guy, I'm referring to what landrus posted. Gimme a break, it's Friday night
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