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Originally Posted by mwalz View Post
Nope, i was giving it til tonight (Friday) and he didn't. Kind of disappointed, but i have better ideas for commercial properties that are much smaller. And will suit me better as of 2014 anyways. Small family owned places, like their is an insurance company here close that a single guy owns and not a big company, and a dentist office, also a vet is here close too. I want to try for at least a few commercial properties.

Funny thing is, the guy probably got a lower price than yours.

You're 36" will dominate smaller properties anyway…nothing wrong to try and take one on like this shopping center occasionally (after all you need one or two BEFORE you run out and buy a bigger mower) but you'll make better money and likely have less competition for smaller ones, where "the big boys" are going to not want to waste time jamming in a big rider.
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