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I was a tech there for way to long. We were trained to be production machines, very little to do with lawn care. I admit they started trying to change things with the Advantedge training thing in early 2000's.. And it was great to finally take time to learn more. They even brought in a horticultrist from the local technical school to do training with about once or twice a month. I got to a point where i felt i was doing a great service for the customer and still hitting my numbers. Prices kept going lower each year while the goals went up. This seemed to be because of the new salespeople under high pressure who would lie on the square footage to give that $29 per app price for that 10,000 Sq. Ft. lawn. I had MANY like that. I finally said enoughs enough.

I don't feel like just because i worked there that i have carried on any kind of bad habits to my own business, if anything i learned how NOT to do things... Still, they do pretty good in my area. Most people that call me for estimates that have them are usually only concerned with one thing aoout trugreen and that is the price increase... Its about time some of these people reaslie how much it really costs.

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I agree, that's why I skip when it's dormant and heat stressed So I don't destroy it to make 40 bucks. I would appreciate the same courtesy from trugreen, but they don't give a sh!t about anything but making quotas.
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