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Posts: 169 this is for great web design. You will notice that they are simple clear designs. Personally I wouldn't have the wood background.
I am getting my site re built having made the mistake of getting a friend to build the current on. We weighed up the costs of time and content management. If the site is not 100% correct people will exist it quickly. We decided to outsource the management of the site completely, the return on investment is expected to ten times investment (spend 10 get 100). Rather than waste money on seo we are going for adwords with google, for the same cost as the seo we will be on page one very quickly. Also with a well managed site Google will reckons that the content is reliable & worthy. This will pull us up the rankings, as we are seen as a good site the cost of adwords drops. In essence you may be on #1 slot but paying less than the guy at #6.
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