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Are you talking about one of these? If so, they work great! Such a time saver!

I took off the plastic guard around the broom because it was useless to me. Had it for 3 years and didn't had to change the broom on it, it use to be very thick and long but after a while the broom will wear down and shrink. Just have to switch it around once in a while so the broom spins in the opposite directly so that it can wear down evenly.

This one is made with plastic so it takes a while to wear down, and like I said once you see its not doing much, just switch it around for more friction.

I've seen some that comes with metal broom instead, it will hands down remove my debris on the asphalt, but metal on asphalt = will have to change your broom head every 2-4 months.

Your best brand: Echo, Stihl, Shindaiwa etc.
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