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Originally Posted by Xener View Post
That isn't a practical example; that's using a highly uncompetitive search term which is also the TLD and the ****'s website. Content is still king, especially when highly competitive search terms are in play.
The example is completely practical.

It was in reply to your claim that Google would have a "hard time" if there is little content. The example shows first and foremost that if the content is small, but accurate and present, Google won't have a hard time.

Whether it's competitive or not doesn't mean Google will have a hard time with accurate text and content in relation to value. With the C A F E example, what dif does it matter whether 1 person or a milliion searched for it ... Google found and determined with computing power that the Hiouchi restaurant's site must have value. No hard time in that one.


Search "hyperion redwood" ........... there's one highly competitive term and one probably not-so competitive. Look how Wikipedia's nearly threadbare page comes up on top.

Now that's where I'd say Google is having trouble finding value. A page with virtually no content, but Google thinks it's valuable.

On the other hand, the Wiki page does not mince words and has the relevant text. And that's the key point to begin with.
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