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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
Unfortunately, it is very unusual here to have the controller on an outside wall.
Extremely rare to have an outdoor controller here. Most are inside garages.

This years lawn factoid hand out for clients will have some carefully worded "your lawn will suffer if you don't XYZ". It takes about a year + for struggling lawns to bounce back.

As I have said before in other threads...the lawn I inherited at the house here had 3/4" thatch layer and looked like garbage. The person who used to maintain it and control its care lives a short distance away. His lawn looks horrid. Mowed low, thatch galore, fertilized at the wrong times and the list goes on. Whenever fairy ring shows up...he literally stops watering since he claims the water is causing the mushrooms. Lawn goes partially dormant. He says he'd rather have a dry lawn than mushrooms. Tried to educate him but when your mind is already made up...?

I aerated his lawn a few years back and told him break up the plugs side diacharge. Sure enough he put the catcher on and created a tremendous dirt cloud and the plugs went into the garden area.

Folks want to hit the easy button...quick and easy.

Thinking about this has been a demotivator...need to go to the gym and clear my head.

Let's hear some success stories...
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