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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Even if a controller is set up properly and the system properly adjusted. Many of the older clients seem to think they know best and will manually advance the system in the early evening or late afternoon since they are convinced the lawn needs a drink. Even my own dad in his 80's will do this. These habits and patterns are tough to break.

Of course since they've been on the planet longer or had some lawn award at some point....they're the experts and know what's best.

Actually in my area many residentials, commercials and the worst ones are homeowner association green belts are set to water at the wrong times. All this tends to confuse folks.
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Before I cut someone off for this, I acknowledge that golf courses do water at night. I also explain the cost and scope of the fungicide program needed to keep the grass healthy. Do you want me here every 14 days to apply chemicals that you are going to pay for?
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