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He might actually get the efficiency he's paying for.

I always see guys on here saying you can't do this or you can't do that, it takes longer , you can't do that many lawns or sq foot in a day.

Balder dash.

Every time I see some ridiculous youtube video of some guy with his new equipment or his mowing business, I watch in amazement at how much time they spend setting up the dang camera, and how much time they waste trying to do the job they are filming ineffectively.

How many smoke breaks do your guys take? How many smoke breaks do the OWNERS take?

Ive seen guys hang dry wall like lighting, Ive sen guys stand around and complain all day you can't make money hanging drywall when getting paid by the square foot…. this was happening in two different rooms of the same house!

a well trained, motivated, properly treated work force is easily twice as productive as winers complainers and break takers. And that goes for the workers as well as owners and/or solos.

How much time do you spend texting? checking emails? talking on the phone.
sometimes people comment I'm rude to my wife when I tell her "not right now Im working" and hang up.
1) Id never get anything done
2) Id never have anything to talk about at the dinner table if she already told me earlier.
I'm happy she called incase it's an emergency, but otherwise Im already doing something.

Maybe this guys just rewards people who are efficient and hard working?

Besides, there are guys on here who say they ARE charging $85-100/hr (yes to mow lawns!)
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